Keep your eyes open for thieves when you have items delivered to your house


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – You may want do a little extra this week to make sure you receive the packages you order online.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase in the past few years of people stealing other people’s packages right off their porch.

Lieutenant Fred Carmical said it’s important to have a plan on what to do with your special deliveries to stop thieves from stealing them.

“If you’ve never been a victim before it’s easy to fall into that, well it’s not gonna happen to me, or you just hear about what happened to other people, but the way to not be a victim is to take precautions,” Carmical said.

He said you need to have a plan for your packages arriving before Christmas and even after Christmas.

“I recommend that number one, you schedule to have them delivered when you can be home to get them,” Carmical said.

And if you can’t do that, Carmical said talk to your neighbors and ask them to hold the packages for you, arrange a time with the company shipping the package to pick it up later, or ask your boss if the package can be delivered to your job.

Carmical said if someone does steal your package, it’s very important to let police know.

“We need to know where these things are taking place, so we can develop patterns and come up with solutions to those problems,” he said.

To protect your deliveries, consumer experts recommend:

  • reroute the package to a secure location like a grocery store
  • use smart gadgets like a doorbell  with a built in surveillance camera
  • require a signature if it’s a valuable item
  • pick up the package yourself from the delivery service location

Carmical said it’s better for the community if things are reported when they first happen to decrease the chances of it happening again.

“I can’t address a problem. If I don’t know it exists,” he said.

So keep your eyes opening this holiday season and know what you’ll do with your packages.