Suicide rate at its highest in Bibb County with 25


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Bibb County has broken its record for suicides this year. Coroner Leon Jones says it’s up to 25 from the previous record in 2011 of 23.

“Unfortunately we had an increase of suicides,” said Jones. “The youngest has been 14 year old female and the oldest in the late 70s.”

Jones says there isn’t a reason why, but he thinks they could be linked to several personal issues.

“Domestic issues, medical issues, one of them might be financial issues, and the rest of them, we just don’t know,” Jones.

That’s why Dr. Bruce Conn, with Coliseum Medical Centers, says it’s important to talk to your loved ones.

“The basic thing about depression and suicidal thinking is people feel disconnected, so the answer is getting connected,” said Dr. Conn.

Look out for warning signs in those who may inflict self-harm.

“Increase sense of guilt, isolation, withdrawl, people feel shameful, sleep gets disturbed, appetite gets disturbed and mood is disturbed,” said Dr. Conn. “People feel more fragile, maybe more sensitive.”

If you know anyone with these symptoms, get help immediately.

“When somebody is suicidal it’s definitely an indication of some type of mental illness,” said Dr. Conn. “Suicidal thinking is irrational, it’s sort of counter to being human, to think of killing yourself.”

Depression and thoughts of suicide can affect anyone, so do your best to get help, or be the help.

Jones educates schools every year about deaths, including suicide.

Jones and Dr. Conn say it’s important to talk about suicide prevention and know there is help for people who struggle with wanting to live. Coliseum Medical Centers offers therapy to those who need help.