New technology at Jones Co. Jail gives inmates more time with family


GRAY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Attention all visitors, inmates in Jones County are getting more time with their families than ever before thanks to new technology in the Jail.

“What we have now is our video visitation system put in by Lattice incorporated,” said Captain Guy Mosteller with the Jones County Sheriff’s Office.

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The new program at the Jones County Detention Center now allows visitation with inmates via video chat.

“Our primary goal was officer safety, of course, because prior to us putting in the Video
Visitation System, we had to have officers manually go to the blocks and escort the inmates through the secure corridors up in the visitation chambers,” Mosteller explained of the process.

Mosteller says before, limited space inside the visitor’s center meant juggling hundreds of people during visitation days.

“Now we can actually give them more visits because we can open it up any day of the week now instead of just the two days they were originally given,” he said. “As long as the family goes online, schedules a visit, it doesn’t matter if you’re a male inmate or a female inmate, you can visit anytime because you never leave the block so you’re not coming into contact with each other,” he told 41NBC.

So having a Jam Packed Visitation center here in Jones County on designated days is a thing of the past. With this new technology families don’t even need to be physically present to have a session with their loved one.

“When they don’t wanna drive up here or they drive from miles away they can actually set up a remote visit from home and they pay 3 dollars and fifty cents for a remote visit from home,” Mosteller said.

Although it was originally meant to be an increased safety measure for officers, the benefit has been two-fold.

“It gives the inmates an opportunity to actually have more visits than what they were actually having before so it’s a convenience for the family and it helps build the morale of the inmates because they’re actually able to interact with their families more now.”

This equipment was not funded through tax payer dollars. The company Lattice made a deal with the sheriff’s office so that the revenue they receive from remote calls of family members would pay for itself.