Caught on Camera: Bar Owner Tases Customers


(NBC NEWS) An Arizona bar owner tased two customers who tried to leave without paying their tab, then got physical. The entire incident was captured by security cameras.

It happened last week at Tucson’s Midtown Tavern.

Owner Frank Silverman says it all started when four of six people walked out after having dinner and drinks.

The two final customers, who police later identified as Armando Garcia and Erika Ojeda-Cocoa, got up from the table and tried to leave without paying as well.

“They had a bill for $126 and they were trying to get out the door. A bill for $126 can pretty much take the profit away for a day,” said Silverman.

A server locked the door to prevent them from leaving, and Silverman called police.

Surveillance video shows Garcia and Cocoa getting physical with Silverman. Moments later, he pulls out his taser and uses it on both of them.

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