‘Devil’ sheep on the loose in Bradley caught and taken into custody


BRADLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) –Quite an unusual Monday morning for animal control workers and the sheriff’s office in Jones County.

While many of us were counting sheep last night in our sleep, authorities in Jones County say they were chasing one after it escaped in Bradley over the weekend.

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“We’ve had donkeys, horses, cows and several calls of goats–goats are a (really) common animal a round here–but never a sheep…this is the first one that I’ve seen,” said Animal Control Director John Jackson.

It may look like the same cute, cuddly, and fury little lamb we sang about as kids but deputies from the Jones County Sheriff’s Office say there was much more to this sheep than what meets the eye. It was closer to the ‘devil’s lamb’ than Mary’s little lamb.

“Sometime Saturday evening during the auction over here at the Bradley Wayside Auction a sheep had gotten loose,” Jackson explained.

They say it happened while the 200 pound animal was being taken from a pin to another trailer. That’s when the wolf in sheep’s clothing came out.

“Being as big as it was when they saw it started to resist they pretty much just said get out of the way because it’s gonna hurt somebody and it got loose,” he continued.

Animal Control Director John Jackson says a sheep that size is not the kind you want to go head to head with, so residents were urged to keep a safe distance if they ran into it and call for help immediately.

The sheep was eventually found and caught in a farmer’s yard.

“We had a call early this morning a fellow saw it in the field with his cows,” he said.

But the legend of the Jones County ‘devil sheep’ will roam the town of Bradley for many years to come.

Animal Control used a tranquilizer to corner the sheep when they found it in the farmer’s yard. They say it took about 6 minutes for the sheep to go down.