Here’s what passed and what didn’t during Georgia’s 2018 Legislative Session


ATLANTA, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The legislative session may be over but that’s only half the battle for bills lawmakers want to see passed. The next step is getting them on Governor Deal’s desk to sign.

Here’s a list of bills that passed:

HB 673 A ban on holding your phone in hand while driving unless you use a hands-free device.

HB 930 Would allow 13 counties in metro Atlanta to impose sales taxes on online retail sales.

HB 533 Would bring broadband internet to Georgia’s rural counties for future government funding and the purpose of economic development.

Budget fully funding the state’s portion of k-12 public education formula.

HB 65 PTSD and Chronic Pain added to the list of disorders that qualify for medical marijuana registry; for patients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

SB 262 & 263 Creation of the city of Eagle’s Landing separate from the existing city of Stockbridge.

HB 727 Allowing local governments to decide whether fireworks use is permitted except on holidays.

HB 834 Allows domestic violence victims to break leases on an apartment or rented property without a penalty.

SB 331 big winners of the Georgia Lottery to remain anonymous.

SB 315 Bill would make it illegal to trespass on a person’s computer without consented permission.

SB 407 Would lower bail costs for defendants who can’t afford to pay the full cost.

Reducing Georgia’s 6% income tax rate to 5.7% .

SB 17 “The Brunch Bill” would allow alcohol sales in restaurants beginning at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays instead of 12:30 p.m.

Here a few of the bills that failed:

HB 605 which would have increased the statute of limitation for when victims of sex crimes can file lawsuits against offenders.

SB 452 Requiring prosecutors and police to determine whether a defendant is legally a citizen.

HB 999 making it more difficult for Georgians with mental illness to obtain guns.

SB 375 which would allow religious adoption agencies to turn away LGBTQ people interested in adopting.

Governor Deal has 40 days starting the day after ‘Sine Die’ or the last day of the legislative session to decide whether he wants to sign or veto bills.

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