Arrest Made In University of Texas Threats


(NBC NEWS) A man has been charged with making a terroristic threat after police at the University of Texas say he made several threats to blow up the police department building and to shoot hundreds of people at the university.

University of Texas Police Department said on April 7, they received a call to their 911 dispatch center. They say the caller, 23-year-old Sean Evan Haddon stated that he had placed a pipe bomb in the lobby of the police department. Police say Haddon then demanded payment in bitcoin and asked the dispatcher to perform sexual acts otherwise he would blow up the building. Police say they received another call minutes later with the same threats and an order from the caller that the police department building be evacuated.

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Police say despite the threats, when they did a bomb detection search of the lobby and the building they found nothing suspicious.

Police say five days later on April 12, they received a call again from the same person. This time Haddon said he was going to shoot the dispatcher and again told the dispatcher to perform sexual acts.

On April 13 an employee at the university’s human resources center reported receiving a call from a man who said he wanted to shoot up “at least 200 people” at the university.

While officers were on the way to the HR building they say the man again threatened to shoot the first person he sees. Officers were able to match the voice in this call to the previous calls and determined it to be the same caller.

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