Community reacts to viral video of woman fighting with two soldiers

41NBC stopped by Judy Tucker's home to see if she'd comment. Continue reading to find out if she did.


MACON, Georgia (41NBCNews/ WMGT)- The shocking video that has gone viral since the weekend, of a woman shown lunging towards and slapping two soldiers, is getting more shares and views.

41NBC’s Tanya Modersitzki made her way to Judy Tucker’s home, the woman charged with simple battery in the incident. Tucker’s family immediately asked 41NBC to leave and declined to comment.

“Here, you know, these are people [are] defending our country, defending us, and yet something as minor as an issue with parking prompts you to respond so negatively is very disappointing,” said Sallie Devero.

People, mothers, soldiers – all seem to be affected. You can see that by scrolling through comments. Or just by listening.

“It’s unfortunate that, that took place. I’m sure that that family on both ends are very embarrassed now, acting without thought. It seems racially motivated since there were names called. It’s just a sad situation. I’m very disappointed it took place,” Devero said.

“I don’t think it’s right at all. I mean, they’re fighting for us and shes going to attack them over a parking space. Yeah, that’s not ok,” said Emily Puryear.

Locals say, this seems to be a trend. People acting out and not thinking about “what’s next?”

“In this day and time that we live in that we have people that tend to carry on in this society without thinking about the consequences, or the things that they’re getting themselves into. I think the situation is no more different than anything else that’s going on in this day and time,” said a Macon resident.

Tucker owns an art business, which she runs outside of her home. Since the video, her business, Tucker’s Complete Art Restoration has received hundreds of new reviews on Facebook. Many of the comments are people sharing their opinions about the situation and her.

She was also a former art professor at Mercer University.

“Judy Tucker is not currently employed at Mercer University. She has occasionally taught an art class in the past, but will not be teaching at Mercer in the future,” Mercer University Director of Media Relations Kyle Sears said in a statement.

Tucker was arrested for simple battery Saturday night. She later made bail and was released.  The incident is still being investigated.




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