Macon-Bibb County residents wake up to flooded yards


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – April showers bring May flowers, but it also brings unwanted water for some Macon-Bibb County residents in some areas.

“It’s frustrating,” said Nancy Olgivie.” It floods and it’s stagnant water until it evaporates. It just stays.”

Olgivie woke up to her yard being flooded after rain over the weekend. It’s a problem she has had for more than 30 years at her home on Rivoli Dr.

“I’ve seen the neighbors next door,” said Olgivie. “Their yard has flooded halfway up their yard so it’s pretty serious.”

She even takes measures into her own hands, and trims the weeds in the ditch. But even then…

“It doesn’t do the job,” said Olgivie. “When these drains stop up, that’s when you have the flood.”

That’s when the Macon-Bibb County Public Works comes in.

“What happens is anytime you have leaves, they’ll clog up the mouth of the pipe and cause the water to back up and once it backs up to a certain depth, it’ll start flowing over into the yard,” said Public Works Director, Marvin Land.

Crews have to vacuum the leaves and debris up.

“We need the public to kind of keep the pipes open, keep the ditches open from leaves,” said Land. “Don’t have your landscaper blowing leaves into the ditch line and report it.”

Ogilvie’s grateful crews are working to clean the mess up, but she knows the vacuum is just a temporary fix.

“It’s just going to stay like this until it’s completely unplugged,” said Olgivie.

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