BCSO and EMA warn against slick roads with heavy rain


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Roads are expected to get pretty wet this week with heavy rain coming our way over the next few days. Macon-Bibb EMA and the sheriff’s office want drivers to proceed with caution.

Slick roads could make driving over the next couple days something like an extreme sport.

“People just get complacent and don’t think about the seriousness of slowing down in the rain,” said Captain Brad Wolfe with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

Driving in slippery conditions can be risky–even for those who do reduce their speed.

“It doesn’t take a lot of water with the right patch of asphalt, with a little oil on it, it could make for a pretty dangerous situation,” said EMA Director Spencer Hawkins.

Wolfe says even by reducing your speed as slow as 35 miles per hour, drivers can still run the risk of hydroplaning.

“You can hydroplane really at any speed but it’s more common with speeds over 35, but it can be at any speed. So 35 miles per hour when the road may not even look that wet to you but you can still hydroplane,” he said.

That’s why Macon-Bibb EMA and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office are warning residents now to drive for the conditions.

“In today’s fast paced world we’re all in a hurry to get somewhere and there’s a million things to do, but take the time and slow down. Add a little extra time to where you’re going,” Hawkins.

If you do hydroplane, it’s important to stay calm, and never hit the brakes.

“The first thing you need to remember is don’t panic, stay calm,let your foot off the accelerator and just steer the way your car is going. So you steer into the steer and steer into the slide.”

When it rains, water mixed with oils on the road’s surface creating an even slicker surface.

So drive slow and arrive alive.

Right now Macon Bibb EMA is monitoring weather conditions for the week. T

hey don’t believe there will be any severe weather but they’re keeping an eye out.

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