Florence poses danger to east coast as heat and storms remain in Middle Georgia


Good evening,
After a hot day with a few storms in Middle Georgia we are going to be seeing temperatures on the upswing through the week. 
Florence remains the big weather story as a major hurricane with winds of 140 mph. The forecast from the National Hurricane Center brings the storm to the east coast, specifically North and South Carolina. Florence could make landfall as a Category 4 storm. Landfall is expected by Thursday night or Friday morning.

Impacts to Middle Georgia remain minimal. The highest winds are forecast to move onshore somewhere on the North Carolina coast. Wind speeds over 100 mph will be possible.

Wind will not be the only threat, as rainfall potentially over 12″ will be possible from North Carolina to Virginia. It looks as though both coastal (storm surge) and inland flooding will be the main threat, because the storm will be slowing down substantially once it makes landfall.

Back at home a stationary boundary is setting up in the wake of a stalled cold front. This means more scattered storms and more heat and humidity in Middle Georgia. This system will continue to impact us through much of the week, until Florence moves in just to our north.

The heat is really on by the time we hit the weekend, but once again this is contingent on the path of Florence. We will continue to keep you updated through the week.