The City of Perry purchases 61 acres from Cherokee Pines Country Club to add parks

The city will start adding new features to the park in the next few weeks.


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The city of Perry is focusing on improving its quality of life. City council members and the mayor are looking for areas to improve outdoor recreation.

“We’ve never had a park out in this area. We’ve always had the country club, but not a park.” City Councilman Randall Walker said.

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For the first time in the northwestern area of Perry, families will have a place to play.

“We have several park projects underway, but this will just be another significant addition to our inventory of park amenities to our citizens and visitors,” Director of Leisure Services for Perry Kevin Dye said.

For almost $800,000, the city of Perry bought 61 acres from Cherokee Pines Country Club.

“You don’t want to have too many large acreage type parks within your city, but we’ve got plenty of room to keep growing over the next 10 to 20 years,” Dye said.

The purchase is part of the city’s initiative from its strategic plan. Constituents say they want more parks, walking facilities, and places to bring pets.

“You might see an ultimate frisbee court here, you might see a dog park here, but it’s going to remain a very passive park,” Walker said.

According to Dye, Perry is growing quickly. So to accommodate families, they need to improve quality of life.

“The more activities we provide with our citizens and our visitors, the more they’ll want to spend time here, in turn want to spend money here,” Dye said.

The Cherokee Pines Country Club will still be open. The club will have a few acres left, but most of the land is being sold to individuals and the city.

The city will start adding new features to the park in the next few weeks.