Crystal Lake Apartments’ residents without power and water

Crystal Lake
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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Water was restored after three days for residents at Crystal Lake Apartments. The complex had a past due water bill of $41,000.

Macon Water Authority President Tony Rojas says that Wednesday night, the complex paid $16,000. Rojas says that the payment was enough to turn the water on. MWA is working with Crystal Lake Apartments on a payment plan for the remaining $25,000.

Water is included in the tenants’ rent.

As of Thursday, the Crystal Lake residents at both the high-rise and the mid-rise towers are burdened with the loss of power. The residents don’t know why the power was turned off or when it will be restored.

David Williams moved his wife and kids to Crystal Lake Apartments two years ago. Now Williams questions whether or not he can stay.

“Trust has been violated. We pay to live here. We pay to have certain things done and it’s not being done,” Williams said.

After restoring water Wednesday night, Macon-Bibb Fire Department Chief Marvin Riggins says a water pipe burst in both the high-rise and mid-rise towers.

Water got into the buildings’ electrical wires. Riggins deemed the building a fire hazard.

“If our lights and our water is included in our rent, where’s it going? If y’all can’t keep the lights on in the parking lot, where’s our money going? What are we paying for?” resident Alfred Riggins said.

Residents say they know neither when power will be restored nor when a plumber and electrician will fix the issue.

“Ain’t nobody telling us anything. We’re just sitting here, but they’re going to want our rent money in a couple of days though and [they’re] going to want to come around here passing out notices and all. It’s not fair to us,” Alfred Riggins said.

North Central Health District Director Michael Hokanson says the water and power must be off for an extended amount of time before they can intervene.

Georgia Power sent this statement:

“Georgia Power continues to provide service to the residents of Crystal Lake Apartments while working on a payment solution with Crystal Lake Apartment’s management, which has the responsibility for payment on behalf of the apartment complex and their tenants. We make every effort to work with all customers to make payment arrangements to avoid disconnection and have been working with this customer over the last four years. We are hopeful an arrangement can be made with Crystal Lake Apartment’s management.”

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