“They Shot Me In My Back”

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(KSDK)  Oriel Finley returned to her home in south St. Louis, Missouri Monday afternoon after experiencing what no 6-year-old should ever have to experience.

“They shot me in my back,” Oriel said. “It hurted.”

Oriel was shot in a drive-by shooting Sunday night while playing outside with other kids in her neighborhood. Oriel’s 3-year-old friend, Kenndei Powell, was killed in the shooting.

“Ken Ken died. She got shot in the chest,” Oriel said. “That makes me sad. She’s not coming back. She’s up there with Jesus.”

Kenndei’s cousin Philicia Burrage organized an intimate vigil Monday evening for family and close friends.

“My cousin was three years old,” Burrage said. “She will never go to kindergarten. She will never go to first grade. She will never have an eighth-grade graduation.”