Daybreak Road trip: Elephant Refuge North America


ATTAPULGUS, Georgia. (41NBC/WMGT) – Lots of wild animals call the Peach State home. Soon, Georgia will welcome a family of elephants as part of a sanctuary project.

In southwest Georgia lies the small town of Attapulgus. In December of 2016, Carol Buckley, an elephant caregiver and founder of Elephant Aid International, purchased land in south Georgia in the town of Attapulgus. The 850 acre tract of land in the small city was purchased to create an elephant sanctuary for elephants retiring from zoos and show business.

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Elephant Refuge North America, the new sanctuary in Georgia, is the third sanctuary of its kind in the US, and will continue to focus on the well being of these gentle giants. Buckley chose south Georgia as a spot for her newest sanctuary for a number of reasons. An item that had to be checked off on Buckley’s for the new land was that “It’s got to be in an area of the US where the climate is appropriate, and Georgia has that climate.”

Buckley says hot and humid air for several months of the year is the type of weather that African and Asian elephants thrive in due to the resemblance to their native climate, but there are times in the year when the climate is more harsh on the animals such as January.

The Elephant Refuge North America sanctuary is for educational purposes only and will not be open to the public. These rules are in place to provide the elephants with the best living conditions possible.