Tropical Storm Barry likely to form in the Gulf of Mexico by Thursday


Storms once again brought some much needed rain to parts of Middle Georgia, as well as frequent lightning and some breezy conditions. Through the week we will continue to see scattered storms, mainly during the afternoon hours. Heat will also continue without much change to the forecast through the weekend.

Attention then turns to the Gulf of Mexico, where an area of low pressure that has been in Middle Georgia will push into very warm waters. This will help to allow the system to get fueled and likely become a Tropical Storm within the next few days.

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The National Hurricane Center gives the system, formally known as Invest 92L, a 90% chance of becoming a tropical storm by Thursday.

As far as the path is concerned, most weather models bring the center of circulation through parts of Louisiana, Texas, or Mississippi. There are still many questions on exact path as well as intensity, but we are watching it very closely.

A main concern, regardless of wind speed, will be heavy rain. The graphic above shows the potential of this system to bring heavy, flooding rains to parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Timing right now would have this impacting this area by Saturday. The latest models have very little impact from the storm to Middle Georgia, but changes to the forecast are likely through the week.