Trump joked about trading Puerto Rico for Greenland. Puerto Ricans are joking back.


Greenlanders were not the only ones mocking reports that President Donald Trump was considering buying Greenland.

After the New York Times reported on Thursday that Trump joked about trading Puerto Rico for Greenland, Puerto Ricans clapped back on social media.

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Some called themselves the “Caribbean Vikings” and others shared all the “good things” they would have if they stopped being a U.S. territory and become an autonomous Danish territory.

“I don’t know about you, but I have no problem with being sold to Denmark,” Gabriel René, a digital ad executive, tweeted.

Denmark is the country with the best education in the world,” a man wrote on Twitter.

“Honestly being part of Denmark may be the best thing to ever happen to us,” Dartina Marie Pérez, who lives in Puerto Rico, tweeted.

A Puerto Rican podcaster, known as Nieto, shared what some labeled as the Danish “Starter Kit.”

“I have been preparing for when Trump exchanges us for Greenland and we are a colony of Denmark,” Nieto tweeted in Spanish, sharing photos of “Danish Delights” butter cookies, the TV show “Vikings” and Danish beer bottles.

Others included a Danish to Spanish dictionary on their “Starter Kits.”

“We’re ready,” one Twitter user wrote, alongside a picture of a “Conversational Danish” reading book.

Under the hashtags #DenmarkPR and #DinamarcaPR, meaning Denmark in Spanish, Puerto Ricans started claiming the Danish royal family and shared some of the perks they would get by being a Danish territory.

Regina C. Ortiz tweeted in Spanish, “[Here’s] OUR Queen: Margrethe II of Denmark,” along with a picture of of her.

“We will finally have representation in the Europe [League] and possibly in the World Cup,” a Twitter user wrote in Spanish, sharing a photo of the Danish soccer team.

While countless jokes were unleashed after reports surfaced, saying that Trump “has on multiple occasions discussed trying to buy the country of Greenland,” a serious diplomatic rupture occurred between the United States and one of its longtime allies.

Trump was scheduled to go to Denmark for an official trip but he canceled it after the country’s prime minister said that Greenland was not for sale and labeled his remarks as “absurd.”

The reactions from Puerto Ricans come after Trump has voiced, in multiple occasions, his opposition to fund hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and considered diverting hurricane relief funds to build a border wall.

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