Tropical Storm Dorian maintains intensity, heads toward Puerto Rico

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As storms finally start moving out of the southeast, we are watching closely in the tropics for our next potential weather maker.

Tropical Storm Dorian has maintained its 50 mph winds through much of the day, with little structural change. At this point the forecast has changed pretty drastically in the past 24 hours. A main change being that the storm is now, not expected to intensify to hurricane strength.

That being said, as the storm moves over (or by) Puerto Rico in the next 24 hours, we will likely get a better idea about the forecast for late week and this weekend. Right now most models, as well as the National Hurricane Center, are predicting a landfall on Florida’s east coast.

If this were to happen the main impacts for Middle Georgia would likely be periods of heavy rain on Sunday and Monday. We also couldn’t rule out tropical storm force winds.

All of this to say…we really don’t know what is going to happen with this storm, but it is a good time to get prepared. Hurricane season is just getting started and we could very well see more storms impacting Middle Georgia.