Amish man and teen drinking in horse and buggy run after police pull them over


An Amish man and teen drinking beer while riding in the back of a horse and buggy equipped with a stereo system ran off after Ohio police pulled them over Sunday, officials said.

The deputy with the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a report that the people riding in the buggy bolted after he stopped them in Bloomfield Township at about 1 a.m as the horse kept going down the road.

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The deputy called for a towing company and started to search the buggy, where he found “multiple open containers of alcohol, and a radio sound system.”

The buggy is being held for investigation, while the horse, which was eventually corralled, is with a man who has been told to notify deputies when the owner comes forward.

It’s unclear how many people were in the buggy, but they could face failure to comply with orders and open container citations, according to the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office.

The 17-year-old who was in the back wrote in a voluntary statement for the sheriff’s office that he was headed to a party when the buggy was pulled over. He said there were one or two cases of beer in the buggy, and he had drunk 10 or 11 beers.

“I started running because I’m underage and I was drinking,” he wrote. “I know it was a stupid mistake because you don’t know what a horse has on his mind — what he is going to do.”