BS Report: September 25th

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Georgia won on Saturday night. They beat a top 10 ranked opponent on their home field. Sure, they were favored by 14 points, but there is no reason to be disappointed at beating a top 10-ranked team at home. Notre Dame was a bit better than we all thought. I saw that firsthand when I was on the field before the game. This was not Vanderbilt. The Fighting Irish had good talent, and they came in with a chip on their shoulder. They were mad that Georgia beat them in South Bend two years ago. They were mad no one was giving them any chance in this game. And they came to play. Georgia needed to be challenged. We said that last week. They didn’t need to sail through the season and not have any of their opponents challenge them. Well, they got what they needed Saturday from Notre Dame – and Georgia passed that test. If they had lost, they would have failed, but they did win the game. In the last two years, when Georgia was first challenged they lost. First to Auburn in 2017 and then to LSU last year. But both seasons they bounced back from the loss and it made them better. So, now, by having this week off and having three easy games to come before the Florida game, they’ll be able to work on what they will need to be better at when they play the Gators and then Auburn in November. Some were upset they only won by six. Some were upset they were too conservative on offense. Don’t be. They beat a good team – at home – with a great environment. Every recruit there last Saturday would be nuts not to commit to Georgia. It was electric. And the team on the field showed – by beating a very good team – this can be a special season.