More record heat expected, before rain and cooler temps move in next week


We had another day of triple digit heat in Macon as we broke the record for our high temperature today. We continue to see high pressure across the southeast that is keeping is warm and dry. 
This ridge will stay over the area pretty much all week, which means no significant chances for rain. We will also continue to see very warm days including (even more) potential record high temperatures.

By Saturday, we will finally see the ridge start to break down and bring a hint of cooler air to Middle Georgia by the weekend.

After the initial front passes by Middle Georgia on Saturday, a stronger, more significant front looks poised to move into the area. While this is still far out, fall is another time when we can see severe weather across the southeast, so this will need to be monitored.

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Behind the rain and storms we will likely see a significant cool down, that will bring high temps back to where they should be for this time of year.