BS Report: October 23rd

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I feel like every time I do a BS Report on the Atlanta Hawks some of you may be reaching for the remote control. But, wait. For the first time in a long time, the Atlanta Hawks actually have a future. The Atlanta Hawks will actually be worth watching. Now, this will be a young team, so you’ll have to be patient. They’ll likely win more than the 29 games they won a year ago, but the expectations for a young, rebuilding team still need to be realistic, or basically we need to have low expectations. Last year, we saw Trae Young emerge as a young star. He just turned 21 years old, and he’s one of the best young players in the NBA. Every team in the NBA needs a star, and Young is it for the Hawks. Kevin Huerter showed flashes of being a very good complimentary player. He just turned 21 years old, and he will hopefully develop more in his second season. Now add three more rookies – 21-year-old Deandre Hunter, who is a few months older than Young and Huerter, 20-year-old Cam Reddish and 21-year-old Bruno Fernando. Those were Atlanta’s three draft picks, and they all have great potential. Hunter had a great exhibition season, and there’s great interest to see if Hunter’s offensive game can flourish in the NBA game. He played for a coach in college, Virginia’s Tony Bennett, who might not have allowed Hunter to show all of his offensive skills. Hunter’s always been a great defensive player, but many believe he can now become an all-around NBA forward. Reddish is a wildcard. We might have to wait on him to develop a bit, but the potential is there for Reddish to be a star. Fernando slipped into the second round, but the Hawks graded him as a first-round pick. He could be a player to watch, as well. These are four kids who are 21 years old and one 20-year old, so we’re talking about really young players. But if there is potential, and down the road they could develop into a dangerous NBA team, it’s worth watching. They may need another lottery pick. And they may need two years to develop these young players. But the Hawks have more cap room available to sign some veteran players to add to these kids than any other team in the NBA. This is the best situation the Hawks have been in in years. And therefore, they are worth our attention. It’s not like we need to waste our time watching the Falcons, so watch the other bird team in Atlanta. They may just make you a Hawks fan before you know it.