Tech Byte- Google Pixel 4

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MACON, Georgia  (41NBC/WMGT) –

Apple’s latest iPhone is getting some more competition.

Google has unveiled its newest smartphone, just weeks after the iPhone hit stores.

Let’s see what it has to offer.

First we got the Apple iPhone 11 last month, then the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Now Google is talking about its latest project – the Pixel 4.

What makes this phone stand out among the other smartphones on the market, is its gesture controls.

Yes, you can use your phone without actually touching it!

Use the phone’s motion sense feature to do several things, like unlocking your phone with facial recognition, snoozing alarms, and navigating your music.

You can skip a song, just by waving your hand above the screen.

The Pixel 4 also lets you use Google Assistant in order to multitask.

It makes it easy to do things on the go, like setting reminders, or sharing photos.

Speaking of photos, Google says its Pixel 4 has the largest camera upgrade yet.

It has two rear cameras, including a new telephoto lens.

Use the night sight feature to get good photos in the dark.

You can also adjust the exposure in separate parts of a picture.

There’s even unlimited storage on Google Photos.

You can get the Pixel 4 with a 5.7 inch display, starting at $799.

The X-L version is 6.3 inches, and will cost you $100 more.