BS Report: October 30th

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This Saturday it’s the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party – otherwise known as the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville. Now, I’m from Waycross, in South Georgia, so I grew up with this event every year. It’s always been a big deal, and I can’t be objective here. I love this game being in Jacksonville. I grew up seeing the fans arrive at RV City by midweek and then went to the parties on Jekyll Island. It belongs in Jacksonville. It’s a special game and the hoopla is real. As for this year’s game, it could be great. Both teams have one loss, so this game will define the season. For Georgia, a team that had its sights set on winning a championship, a loss would represent a failure for this season. Two months ago, we might have believed this would be an easy win for the Bulldogs, but the Gators are much better than we could have ever imagined. They seem stronger now with backup quarterback Kyle Trask, who has brought stability to the offense. Florida still doesn’t have a running game, and that could be the key in this game. Georgia has the best rushing offense in the SEC, while Florida is ranked 11th out of 14 teams. If Georgia outrushes Florida and the numbers are similar to their averages, this game will not be close. But it likely will be close, as Trask will put the ball in the air and utilize his talented receivers. That will put the pressure on Georgia’s secondary, which must play well. Speaking of pressure, Jake Fromm and Kirby Smart will both be feeling it Saturday. Look, we can talk about the offensive play calling. We can talk about the young receivers not getting enough separation. But this game comes down to Jake Fromm doing his thing. If Jake has a great day, so will his team. Kirby Smart is also under the gun since he was hired to win these games. Again, if Georgia loses, their season is over. And if Georgia’s season is over with four games left to play, that will fall on Smart. Plus, Georgia doesn’t want Florida to catch them. The Gators have lost two straight games to the Bulldogs and it wasn’t really close in either game. So, if Dan Mullen and the Gators win, they’ll be the kings of the SEC East. Georgia must run the ball effectively, have a vertical passing game with Jake in control if the Gators contain that running game and have a good, clean game. The Bulldogs have waited for these games in November against better competition. They have not played their best game of the season, but they’ll have to do it Saturday to win against a much-better Florida team. You know we’ll take the Dawgs. Let’s say 34-24 Georgia, and Jake Fromm has his best game of the season. A win will put Georgia on track to get back to Atlanta for another shot at the SEC championship. That journey goes through Jacksonville, and the season’s story will be determined on that field near the St. John’s River Saturday afternoon.