Operation Convergent Response shows first responders latest technology

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PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – In emergency situations, seconds can determine life or death. This week Verizon and Nokia took time to show first responders how they can help.

Sgt. Brad Mules, who works for the Warner Robins Police Department, attended the event Wednesday morning.

“Every second counts,” Sgt. Mules said. “If somebody gets shot or somebody goes into a school to hurt students, to hurt teachers, to hurt staff, every second counts.”

Verizon and Nokia, in collaboration with the Guardian Centers in Perry, held Operation Convergent Response 2019. The event organizers call this “a solutions showcase.”

Experts believe technology can solve first responder communication issues. Basil Marsh spoke about the opportunity new technology offers first responders.

“They don’t have unlimited resources so by using technology, they can use their resources in a much smarter fashion, deploy them where they need to be and those types of things,” Marsh said.

From cameras to drones, artificial intelligence analytics and bio-metrics tracking — the event wasn’t short of technology that can aid in emergency situations.

“Anybody that works the street, whether it’s fire, police, EMS. We hope that our agencies, municipalities, our sheriff’s, our state agencies, our federal agencies are able to purchase this equipment to allow us to do our jobs better,” Sgt. Mules said.

Verizon and Nokia provided realistic scenarios that included cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, tunnel emergencies, wildfires, and complex terror attacks. Organizers say the event also allows users to test the products before first responders use them.

“When we did our first walk through we were amazed at what the technology is bringing to the law enforcement community,” Sgt. Mules said.

Event information

This is the third year of Operation Convergent Response. Thursday completes the three-day event. The event ends at 8 pm.