New water meters to save customers money in Baldwin County

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10,000 new digital water meters provide more accurate readings

Customers charged per gallon, not per thousand gallons

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Construction crews have the first of many new digital water meters in the ground.

The county started the process of installing nearly 10,000 of them on Monday morning.

This comes after a groundbreaking ceremony outside of the Baldwin County Water and Sewer building in Milledgeville.

Baldwin County Manager Carlos Tobar explained the need for the new meters.

“We are trying to minimize the amount of water that we use and minimize the amount of water that our customers use,” Tobar said. He says the meters make it possible to detect water leaks.

Along with more accurate readings, Tobar says the new meters will also save customers money on their water bill.

“Our billing will change,” Tobar said. “Instead of being charged by the thousand we will be billed by the gallon. That’s how accurate these meters are.”

The current billing system charges customers per thousand gallons of water used. The new billing systems charge per gallon.

Customers will also see a water meter charge of $16 a month. Construction crews say they plan to start in rural areas and move inland towards Milledgeville.

Baldwin County Water and Sewer employees say customers will experience a temporary loss in water service no greater than 20 minutes during the installation of the new meters. Construction workers will provide notice before shutting off the water.