Tech Report: Online scams impact most Americans, Amazon offers deals

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In today’s Tech Report, Jane King says that families cut the cord faster than any other demographic. Also, 60 percent of Americans claim to have been online scam victims.

New research shows that only one in 10 Americans has not been a victim of a fraud, scam, data breach, identity theft or social media hacking. It shows:

  • 63 percent fell for romance money transfer scams
  • 56 percent of those were victims of fraud
  • 54 percent of those studied had their social media accounts hacked

Amazon started its 12 Days of Deals. It runs through Dec. 14.

Each day offers different deals across multiple categories, from toys and games to computers and Amazon devices. 

Parents ages 35 to 54 with two or three kids increasingly see streaming services as a better fit than traditional cable TV.

According to a fuboTV report, cord-cutting families want the convenience of watching different content on multiple screens at the same time.  Traditional cable does not offer such convenience.

Data shows that fuboTV users watched over 103 hours of streamed content per month.  

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos gave a dismal outlook for the nation if US tech companies decide to not support the pentagon.

At the annual Reagan National Defense Forum, Bezos called tech firm “the good guys.” 

Bezos says tech firms often face backlash, usually from their own employees, for pursuing lucrative Defense Department contracts.