BS Report: December 27th

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Falcons team owner, Arthur Blank, made an announcement on Friday morning that he was keeping head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff for the 2020 season. This is a horrible mistake and the Falcons fans are upset about it. We had a poll on our Twitter account and Facebook where right between 75 and 80% of the fans did not agree with this move by Arthur Blank. The Falcons are not very good. They were one in seven to start the season. That’s the same team that turned around and went five and two so far in the second half of the season with one more game left to go against Tampa Bay on Sunday.

They did do better in the second half after the front office and Arthur Blank told Dan Quinn to make some changes and he did. He made some changes where Raheem Morris was no longer coaching wide receivers, which never really should have happened in the first place. He was then calling plays on defense. Dan Quinn was not the defensive coordinator, so they forced Dan Quinn to make changes and then he did to save this job because there was talk he was going to get fired at that point right there, but he was kept. They went five and two.

Now two of those wins came against Carolina, a team that has already fired their head coach, Ron Rivera, and who’s quarterback, Cam Newton, is not playing right now. The other game, other win, was against Jacksonville last weekend, a team that’s getting ready to fire their head coach, Doug Marrone, this coming Monday. Yes, they did beat New Orleans in New Orleans. They beat San Francisco in San Francisco. Those were two very good wins, but that’s it. It’s the same team that really did not play well for Dan Quinn in the first half of the season and yet he’s being kept on as the head coach.

Look, for me, this goes back to the Superbowl. This team, under Dan Quinn, was up 28 to three on the New England Patriots in the Superbowl in Houston a few years ago. They choked. They lost. It was the most embarrassing Superbowl loss in the history of the game. He probably should’ve been fired right then and there that night, but he wasn’t. Dan Quinn’s a nice guy and Arthur Blank likes him. The next year the Falcons got to the playoffs, won a game, then lost a game. For the last two years, this team’s just not been very good at all, seven and nine last season and now six and nine so far this year with one more game left to go. This is what mediocrity is all about and instead of making a change for the next decade, Arthur Blank has decided to stick with mediocrity and stick with Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff, who’s been here since 2008.

2008 of course was the year when Mike Smith came on as head coach and Matt Ryan came on as the quarterback. A lot of good things have happened since then overall, but this has been a long tenure for Thomas Dimitroff and he just needs to go. They just needed to start over, and because Arthur Blank likes these two people, Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff, they’re staying around. Falcons fans are not excited. I’m not excited. I think for 2020 season at least, we’re going to see this Falcons franchise stay in the sea of mediocrity they’ve been in the last few years. Dan Quinn somehow, someone has survived with his brotherhood and all of his phrases that try to pump people up. He’s got to be pumped right now because he’s getting another year to try to turn this around. Good luck to him with a bad salary cap situation, it’s going to be very difficult for him. Falcons fans, including this one, are not very happy about this at all.