BS Report: January 2nd

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The Georgia Bulldogs had 12 former starters out of Wednesday night’s game against Baylor in the Sugar Bowl. Whether it was players not wanting to play to avoid injury, preparing for the NFL, injuries or grades, Georgia was short-handed in their bowl game. Their leading rusher, D’Andre Swift, was not out there much, and their leading receiver for most of the season, Lawrence Cager, was out. Tyler Clark, J.R Reed and others were out on defense. And the Bulldogs won by 12 points over the supposed second-best team in the Big 12. Georgia showed why recruiting is important and why depth is important as they really were never in any trouble all night. And now, Georgia’s fans have a much better feeling following the bowl game compared to last year, when Georgia was embarrassed by Texas in the same Sugar Bowl. We wondered why that team even showed up to play a game they looked disinterested in, while Wednesday night we almost didn’t want that game to end since they were doing so well. Now, with the recruits coming in that may make Georgia have the best class in the country, and the returning players coming back, Georgia will prepare to take another shot at a national title. But first, we have to find out what Houston County’s Jake Fromm will do. Will Jake leave and head to the NFL Draft, or will Jake return for his senior season? I saw Fromm picked 40th overall – 8th in the second round – by the Panthers in one mock draft. And they were saying on the telecast Wednesday that one of ESPN’s draft analysts still has Fromm slotted in the late first round. If so, Fromm will have a tough decision to make. His draft stock has dipped, just like his completion percentage, in the last year. But we saw Wednesday night, when he has a good receiver making good plays, what Jake Fromm can do. Will that make scouts tell the Fromm that he is a potential first rounder, or will they be coy about where he could go in the draft? Fromm may think with George Pickens coming back next season, if he returns he will have a much better receiving corps, which could make him look better than he was in 2019. Or will Fromm be worried about an offensive line that could be fully switched up next season? Either way, it is tough to wonder how good Georgia will be until we know what Fromm will do. If Fromm leaves, Georgia will have to find someone in the transfer portal – perhaps former Wake Forest quarterback Jamie Newman – to come in to play next season. Georgia has a ton of talent and they will be a national championship contender for 2020, but it will still depend on what they have at quarterback. And with what Fromm showed us Wednesday night – and that is he can still be very good – here’s hoping he’ll spend one more season in Athens.