Getting much colder Friday, with isolated showers


It has been a very active day across Middle Georgia with heavy rain and damaging winds. So far we haven’t heard of any weather related injuries in Middle Georgia, but the flooding threat continues.

Through the past two days we have seen anywhere from 2 to 4″ of rainfall across Middle Georgia. Just a few lingering showers are around tonight, so we don’t expect much more accumulation.

Flash flooding has been a problem across the area this evening and we will continue to see river and stream flooding through the next few days.

As fun as the heavy rain was, we will see some big changes Friday. Much of our cloud cover moves out during the day on Friday, but during the morning we will see a chance of isolated showers.

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It will be staying breezy on Friday as well as cooling down. Be ready for a shock to the system after a week of 70’s when we see our highs struggle to make it to 501

Saturday we will start out our day in the low 30’s (many places around freezing). With the chilly temps and moisture we could see a chance of a wintry mix…or just a cold rain. It is all a matter of a few degrees that will make the difference.

If you don’t want to hear about any more rain, turn back now. Next week will bring more rain across Middle Georgia with increasing chances for heavy rain.

Don’t quite know about the severe threat yet, but we will keep a close eye on things into next week.