Kari’s Law: Customers do not have to dial “9” to call for help


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)– Kari’s Law went into effect on Sunday, February 16. The law states that all phones at hotels and businesses must allow customers to dial 911 without having to press 9 first.

The law came after the murder of a woman named Kari Hunt. Hunt’s estranged husband stabbed her to death in a hotel room in front of their 9-year-old daughter. Hunt’s daughter attempted to dial 911 from the hotel room, but was unsuccessful. The young girl did not know she had to press 9 before dialing 911.

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This case is an example of how crucial every second is during an emergency. Bibb County 911 Center Assistant Director, Rosemary Reid, spoke to 41NBC about the importance of being able to immediately dialing 911. She says, once you dial 911, your location and information is automatically sent to the 911 center.

Reid says if Kari’s Law had been in place in 2013, Kari Hunt may still be alive. She says it’s important that businesses and hotels put Karis Law in effect immediately, to prevent other situations like Hunt’s from happening again.

“The law has been passed because of the severity of the incident that happened at that hotel. It’s very important, and for a 9-year-old to see her mother stabbed to death, that should put something in the back of our minds that we really need to get this in place to help save the lives of others,” said Reid.

Any business that does not comply with Kari’s Law, could face a fine up to $10,000 in addition to other penalties. The fines will also include a daily fine of up to $500 each day they do not abide by the law.

To be in compliance with this law, businesses and hotels must file a Federal Mandated Compliance Audit.