Tech Report: At-home workers at-risk by hackers

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As more Americans work online at home, they are more at risk of hackers. 

In this Tech Report segment, Jane King takes a look at the dramatic expansion of teleworking by US schools, businesses, and government agencies in response to the coronavirus. This now raises questions about the security of the tools Americans use to connect to workplace systems and data.

King said that “All of the extra time online could put more people at risk for malware and hackers.”

She says experts recommend brushing up on “digital hygiene” and safety tips as criminals seek to exploit the coronavirus crisis. 

Apps help job seekers find temp work in 24 hours.

An app called “Myworkchoice” and others like it may be the solution to finding temporary and permanent employment. King says the app connects job seekers with business owners and gets new employees trained for work in as little as 24 hours.

Jeff Bezos tells Amazon workers they’ll have to wait for face masks.

King says Jeff Bezos’s Amazon placed orders for millions of facemasks for its employees and contractors, however, the orders have not arrived. Bezos advised them that the face mask must go to medical workers first.

Finally, President Trump announced a new consortium led by IBM and includes many of the major tech companies and MIT, will reroute their computing power for scientists researching a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Supercomputers have long been used to identify and can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to bring drugs to market.