Going Cashless In The Age Of Coronavirus

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(NBC News) Fears over the coronavirus are forcing many to reexamine their everyday lives, especially when it comes to touching credit cards or cash.

App payments like Venmo, Apple and Google Pay are seeing a usage spike during the outbreak.

If you can’t go cashless or hands-free then gloves may be your best option, but throw them away after using them, and of course, use soap and hot water to wash up afterward.

The Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Frank Esper says germs are part of our reality, but we may not have to worry about them on our plastic, cash or even cardboard.  That will hopefully reduce fears aside after Amazon workers at several warehouses tested positive for COVID-19.

“It didn’t last on cardboard or plastic very long at all,” Dr. Esper says of tests run on the virus and various surfaces.  “They died almost immediately or very, very quickly.”

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