MWA: ‘Do not flush anything besides toilet tissue’

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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Across the country, people stocked up on disinfecting products and toilet tissue amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Most local stores have run out of toilet paper, and residents have started using alternatives for wiping.

Macon Water Authority officials say flushing items like paper towels and sanitizing wipes can cause major problems for the area’s sewer system.

“We want to make sure that sewage doesn’t back up into buildings or people’s homes,” explained Mickie Sanders. “And that they also don’t flow out a manhole into our communities either. And so that is the big concern really. When you flush those things down the toilet — that aren’t toilet paper — you have the potential to cause a clogged or blockage. And that could potentially lead to an overflow or spill.”

Sanders says you should flush only toilet tissue down the toilet. All other items should go in the trash, including feminine products.