Georgia Reopens Amid COVID-19 Fears


(NBC News) A handful of businesses are once again open across Georgia, and the hands-on nature of some of those shops has many worried.

At Tony’s Barber Studio in Atlanta, the COVID-19 outbreak has cut business to its core.

“We’ve been a month and two weeks without any salary,” Tony Roberts says.

It was that financial strain that pushed Roberts to open his doors, but the decision comes with risks.

In barbershops, nail salons, and other businesses given the green light to reopen, it can be almost impossible to maintain social distancing.

“I was baffled at the governor’s decision to be honest because there are still people dying, the numbers are going up, so I had mixed emotions,” Roberts says.

Officials in Oklahoma and Alaska are easing restrictions and opening some retail shops as well.  Tennessee and Ohio are doing the same next week.

At the same time, governors in Illinois, North Carolina, and Michigan are extending current stay at home orders and keeping businesses closed, with everyone keeping a close eye on Georgia to see how its aggressive re-opening plan works out.

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