Tech Report: 6th Amazon worker dies from COVID-19

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Republican lawmakers say police need to stop using Chinese-made surveillance drones, including to enforce coronavirus social-distancing rules.

They say the drones, made by a company called DJI, could send footage back to China. 

DJI is loaning drones to US police departments to help them surveil and punish citizens who aren’t complying with COVID-19 restrictions on freedom of association.

Facebook is leading an effort behind the scenes to launch a new political advocacy group aimed at taking on the growing chorus of US lawmakers and regulators calling for reining in Silicon Valley.

The Washington Post reports the organization, called American Edge, will work to gain support on Capitol Hill through “a barrage of advertising and other political spending.”

American Edge will argue in its ads that Silicon Valley is a critical piece of the US economy, as well as a beacon of free speech.

An Amazon warehouse employee in Long Island, New York has died from the coronavirus.

It’s the 6th confirmed Amazon worker to die. 

The worker’s death comes as Amazon faces growing pressure to disclose the number of workers who have tested positive or died from the virus. 

Getupside is focused on helping local communities with an easy-to-use app that benefits businesses and shoppers, especially now when every dollar counts. 

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