Children prep for in-person learning through summer camp

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    MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)– Students in Bibb County are experimenting with social-distanced learning through summer camp.

    Children at Agnes Barden Elementary are participating in a socially distanced summer camp.

    In order to prepare students to start school in the fall, administrators are hosting the camp with COVID-19 guidelines to help kids and parents understand how socially distanced learning could work.

    Each day when students enter the building, they are given a bag with a coat and a mask to help protect them from COVID-19.

    The camp is for children who will be starting Kindergarten in August. Parents can drop off their student at the front of the school but are not allowed inside. Once students put on their personal protective gear, they are seated at socially distanced tables where they can begin their daily activities.

    The school’s Early Head Start director, Jacquice Jones says the school has not had trouble getting kids to follow CDC guidelines.

    Jones said, “It hasn’t been difficult for them at all. We still reinforce the conversation when they come in. If they start to get a little bit closer to their friends we’ll remind them like, ‘remember you have to stay 6 feet apart’ and they’ll say ‘okay’ and go back to their area.”

    All of the children must remain 6 feet apart at all times, and teachers have set timers for handwashing every 15 minutes.

    The camp will last until the end of July and will allow students to continue learning to prepare for the next school year.

    The CEO of Bibb County Economic Opportunity Council, Sarita Hill says her school is prepared for whatever kind of learning the county allows.

    “We’re definitely waiting on Bibb County to decide how they want to do it. We have to follow them because of course, they have older kids that are going to school,” Hill stated, “We’re just trying to wait, but this is a taste of how we would make it through in August when we get ready to get started. Normally a classroom would have 20 kids, we might be down to 10 kids.”

    Children in Bibb County will be allowed to return to school on August 10. Although applications for the Agnes Barden summer camp have closed, applications for the upcoming school year are currently open.

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