‘The town itself not for sale’: 37 properties listed for sale in Toomsboro


TOOMSBORO, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Phones lines have been busy for Toomsboro officials as people want to buy the city. Mayor Joyce Denson says people have it all wrong. 

The small town of Toomsboro — population nearly 500 — was listed for sale according to website toomsboroforsale.com.

Mayor Denson calls the website name “misleading”. Because of this, the property owner changed the name from “Toomsboro for sale” to “Almost the whole town of Toomsboro for sale.”

The website lists at least 30 properties for sale including Swampland Opera House and the Wiilet Hotel.

However, Denson says the agency buildings listed are not.

“It’s a beautiful town but the town itself is not for sale. He also listed our fire department and post office — and they are not for sale,” said Denson.

For a full listing, visit toomsboroforsale.com.


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