‘I Want Everyone To Wear Their Mask’: COVID-19 Survivor Describes Painful Ordeal

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Janeen Williams spent a week in the hospital fighting coronavirus. Now she’s urging her community to stay safe.

CAROLINA BEACH, North Carolina (WECT/NBC News)  — If you’ve ever picked up your morning cup of coffee at Majik Beanz in Carolina Beach, odds are, you’ve met Janeen Williams.

Weeks after being released from the hospital where she was treated for COVID-19, Williams is back taking orders and whipping up orders at her coffee shop. She’s not just serving up drinks, she’s also serving as an example of how serious the coronavirus can be.

Williams’ doctor cleared her to get back to work, but she’s only working three-hour-long shifts while she regains her strength. Last month, she was in the hospital for a week. Doctors drained one of her lungs and had to surgically put in a chest tube while she battled a serious infection due to the coronavirus.

“I got to the emergency room and I was admitted 10 minutes later with a horrible lung infection. I’m a healthy person so that shocked everybody. Had a chest tube. It was real fun. Seven days in the hospital seven days at home on antibiotics. God, this mask is so important. People, wear your mask,” Williams explained.

Williams couldn’t have any visitors when she was in the hospital, but she wasn’t in this fight alone.

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