Local photographer’s positivity project spreads joy in pandemic

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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)–A local photographer has been spending his time highlighting people making a positive impact in communities around Macon.

Local freelance photographer Dsto Moore started taking photos for, what he calls the “Positivity Project”, about two years ago.

He says he grew tired of his hometown getting a bad wrap in the news, so he took matters into his own hands.

“Macon always got a negative vibe, always something bad going on in Macon, and while doing photography around here, I got to meet all these cool people doing positive things,” Moore said. “I thought, why not highlight these people? Why not go around a highlight all these people doing great things?”

Since starting this project Moore has taken pictures of people in the Pleasant Hill Community. The Tybee and Greenwood Bottoms communities will be next.

His work has gained even more popularity during the pandemic. Moore says he wants to use his platform to bring people together.

“That sense of community kind of went away,” Moore said. “In some instances, there’s a lot of blighted communities, a lot of drugs and alcohol in these communities sometimes. I’m kind of photographing these people… to bring that sense of community back.”

Glorielle “Cocoa” Felton, a yoga instructor and the owner of Crowning Kings Massage in Macon, has been highlighted by Moore for using her platform to encourage mindfulness and positivity through yoga during the pandemic.

Felton says it brings her joy to be recognized for doing something she loves.

“Sometimes when you’re doing positive things that aren’t popular, you don’t get a highlight,” Felton stated. “People will see it in passing on social media, and they’ll give you a ‘good job’, but this project’s different. It’s the spotlight that you look for… I’m excited to be a part of it and I’m happy for those able to see it that wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.”

Moore says he wants to tell stories from Macon and hopes that his photos will bring happiness to anyone that gets to see them.

His work, featured on the side of the UCreate Macon building, stays proudly displayed in Pleasant Hill. His work will also be displayed in a drive-thru art gallery Friday, September 11, at Triangle Arts in Macon.

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