Bibb Schools offer onsite child care for teachers with children

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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — With virtual learning in effect for the Bibb County School District, onsite child care helps teachers with school-aged children.

Erika Bishop, Central High School teacher and mother of six, signed all her children up for the program. She says she has been bringing her kids to work since the year started.

Bishop says her girls along with her coworkers’ children report to the school’s media center for their live classroom sessions. She says all participants are socially distanced while wearing a mask at all times.

The teacher says there are also rotating supervisors on hand to help.

“It has made my life tremendously easier because I have them in close proximity to me. But they’re not bothering me so I’m able to teach my students,” said Bishop.

According to Janice Flowers, director of the school districts before and after school program, before the program started parents had concerns about when their children will be allowed back in school. Flowers say she’s not sure but with this child care program, everyone wins.

“If they are having difficulty logging in if their computer dies if they don’t have access to the internet. That kind of assistance. But the instruction that the student is receiving is coming from the virtual teacher,” said Flowers. 

Flowers say each Bibb school has a child-support room. She says each child must bring their own electronic devices, and headphones not to disturb others.

“Because remember these kids may be in pre-k through 8th grade so everybody in that room could be receiving instruction from a different teacher,” explained Flowers.

Any issues with the schedule?

Bishop says her only problem is that Bibb County’s high school schedules don’t match up with the elementary and middle school schedules. 

This means classes end earlier for high school students but not Bishop’s daughters. 

“I have reached out to my kids’ teacher and let them know our situation so they are trying to work with me the best that they can, ” said Bishop. 

Flowers says the child care support center is not for high schoolers because they need less supervision. She says there are nearly 230 students participating in the program.

Flower says the district is following CDC guidelines and the children are safe.