Bibb County School District enforces discipline in virtual learning

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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Jamie Cassady, assistant superintendent for the Bibb County School District, says rules still apply. He also says disciplinary action still happens as if students were in the classroom.

“We still expect kids to be respectful. We still expect kids not to disrupt the learning environment,” Cassady said. 

According to Cassady, the school district has four disciplinary levels. The first level covers less severe misconduct, which is also the most common.

“Talking out of turn. Continuously making noises, being disrespectful to the teacher,” Cassady said.

Level four covers the most severe acts like bringing a weapon and fighting. 

Cassady says under level one, teachers can choose the form of discipline. 

Cassady says a level-one offense can be something as minor as chewing gum in class.  He says it can result in a student being asked to take a break from class. 

However, if the misconduct continues, students may face suspension.

If a student gets into trouble and gets suspended, Cassady says the teacher can deny the student access to online classes — however long the school sees fit.

Cassady says when a student acts up, teachers will contact the parent or guardian. If the same misbehavior continues, then the school may look into suspension. 

He says when a student is suspended, the school will notify the parents by phone or email.

Cassady reminds students and parents to be mindful of the goings-on in the home while virtually learning takes place.