Tech Byte: Using Tech to Keep Fans Safe

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Sporting venues are hard at work to bring back games during this pandemic. You can’t rely on disinfecting wipes alone to clean a large venue.   

In this segment of Tech Byte, Emily Cassulo sees how one stadium is using tech to keep fans safe.

Lucid Drones

Drones can do more than just shoot video. Mercedes-Benz Stadium is using them to disinfect against COVID-19, as well.

It’s what needs to happen to safely bring fans back for an Atlanta Falcons game.

Workers are flying these D1 disinfecting drones from Lucid Drone Technologies to more efficiently and effectively sanitize key areas.

The drones will be used to disinfect the seating bowl, handrails, and glass partitions after an event.

They use electrostatic spraying nozzles to evenly distribute the disinfecting chemicals, without leaving a residue.

The drones’ wrap-around effect also helps distribute the disinfectant to hard to reach areas. 

And yes, the drones will save workers a lot of time cleaning the seating bowl – a 95 percent reduction to be exact.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium says that’s time their associates can spend cleaning other parts of the venue, which are just as important.

The drones go along with other sanitizing measures here, like daily cleaning using GenEon’s ionized solution, along with hourly disinfecting, and hundreds of hand sanitizer dispensers.

Another tech-enhanced safety measure this stadium is using is mobile ordering for food and drinks.

Fans don’t have to leave their seat right away, and miss an important part of the game!

On the Falcons smartphone app, they can use it to browse the stadium’s concession stands, pick out what items they want, and pay for them.

Then, they’ll get a QR code to scan at the concession stand when they’re ready to pick up their food.

If fans don’t want to download another app, they can use their phones instead to scan QR codes on the TVs near participating concession stands to order.

Spectators can also go to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium website to order on their phones, as well.

Mercedes Benz-Stadium is the first professional sports stadium to use drones for disinfecting purposes, but I have a feeling other venues will join them.