Election for next Bibb County Sheriff underway

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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — The election for the next Bibb County Sheriff is underway. With Sheriff David Davis currently holding the Sheriff’s Office, contender JT Ricketson wants to earn the title.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis’ second term approaches the end. However, he hopes to serve a third term.

“I have a very deep bond with the community and during my time as sheriff, we really strengthen that bond through all parts of the community,” Davis said.

Davis occupied the Sheriff’s position for nearly eight years. However, his opponent JT Ricketson says “it’s time for a new sheriff in town.”

“David is a super nice guy,” Ricketson said. “But he is still using the same tactics and philosophies of policing and doing the sheriffing in the county, that doesn’t work for our inner-cities. Our inner cities are hurting.”

Both men have extensive law enforcement backgrounds.

Ricketson served as a Special Agent in Charge with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for 36 years. He retired nearly six months ago to run for sheriff.

Davis has been dedicated to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office for nearly 40 years. He started out as a jailer and served as chief deputy before he was the first elected sheriff.

Davis points voters to his record of progress. He says last year, Bibb County had the lowest number of reported crimes since he has been sheriff.

“We have done our neighborhood walks, we have done our outreach, we have arrested serious criminals,” Davis said.

Ricketson says Bibb County is due for a different approach.

“I’m not about walking through a neighborhood locking arms and trying to make people feel good,” Ricketson said. “I want to roll my sleeves up and actually get in the community and do something.”

Both Davis and Ricketson call Macon “home.”  They say they plan to do everything they can to protect citizens.

“We have very unsafe streets, that’s number one. We have a deputy shortage that is around 200 right now,” Ricketson said. “And the third thing, we have too many fugitives that are freely roaming around on our streets that have active warrants. And we should be bringing them to justice.”

“We have some issues with some violent crime. But however, total crime is down,” Davis said.

Also, both men say they have plans to help solve the problems.

Ricketson’s agenda

Ricketson says for safer streets, he plans to create two task force groups.

  1. A warrant service team with eight to ten people to identify and bring justice to the most dangerous criminals in the area.
  2. A multi-jurisdictional task force wherein the department partners with local law enforcement to focus on street crimes.

Ricketson says as far as the deputy shortage — he wants to rehire the retired.

 “I like to bring them back and put them in non-essential roles so I can free up these full-time deputies to get them back on our street to patrol and make sure our streets are safe again,” Ricketson said.

Davis’s agenda

Davis says the department has a number of outreach programs for youth and adults within Bibb and those will continue. However, he wants more innovation.

“We have cameras that have been instilled all around the community. The next set, we are going to add technology called a shock spotter which can pinpoint within just a few feet where gunshots have gone off. So we can know where the gunfire is going and maybe identify the shooter,” said Davis.