Effort to put Tubman on $20 bill restarted under Biden

Harriet Tubman, African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and a Union spy during the American Civil War, announced by the Treasury Department that Tubman would replace the portrait of Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Photo courtesy of MGN.

Biden administration is “exploring ways to speed up” efforts to put Harriet Tubman on $20 bill

WASHINGTON (AP) — It looks like Harriet Tubman is once again headed to the front of the $20 bill.

Biden press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that the Treasury Department is taking steps to resume efforts to put the 19th-century abolitionist leader on the $20 bill.

Obama administration Treasury Secretary Jack Lew had selected Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson, the nation’s seventh president, on the $20 bill.

But Tubman’s fate had been in doubt since the 2016 presidential campaign based on critical comments by then-candidate Donald Trump, who branded the move “pure political correctness.”