Experts say don’t post your COVID-19 vaccination card online

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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — The COVID vaccine has been available to some of the population since December. You may have seen people posting their vaccination cards online.

Kelvin Collins —president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau Central Georgia— urges against posting the card online.

“The information that people can get from these vaccine cards is your full name so if you go by a nickname or your middle name at some point this card may have your full name on it with your birthdate,” said Collins.

Collins says depending on your security settings, scammers can use the information on the card to compromise your accounts.

“It’s very similar to the questionnaires that you fill out online, who was your favorite teacher, what school you went to, and things like that,” said Collins. “By themselves, they’re not dangerous but when you add all these little things together you’re able to login to someone’s account, guess their username, guess their password, or even answer some of their security questions.”

North Central Health District

Michael Hokanson —public information officer with North Central Health District— says if you want to post about getting the COVID vaccine, do it in ways that don’t involve others seeing your vaccine card.

“If you want to share the fact that you’ve been vaccinated instead show the sticker if you are at a location that gives out a sticker. Or just share your own story share the experience that you had at the vaccination site,” said Hokanson.

Hokanson says do not buy a fake vaccine card. To get a vaccine in Georgia you need an appointment. Vaccine sites will turn you away if they find you are using a fake card.

“I hate to say that you’ve gone and wasted your money but you might as well throw that fake card away because it’s not going to get you anywhere.”

If you’ve posted the card online, delete it immediately.