Morning Business Report: Diabetes treatment may lead to weight loss

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Morning Business Report
February 16, 2021

Help for obesity may come in a shot.

A new study with Novo Nordisk’s diabetes treatment led to notable weight loss for the average participant.

In a 68 week trial, 86 percent of people who took Semaglutide lost at least 5 percent of their body weight.

In addition to weight loss, it also improved cardiovascular risk factors as well as physical functioning scores and quality of life.

Maker Novo Nordisk has submitted it as a weight-management treatment for regulatory approval to the food and drug administration.


Spirit Airlines is hiring pilots and flight attendants. 

The airline expects to be back to 2019 capacity levels by early summer.

Spirit had avoided involuntary furloughs of unionized employees after unions agreed to voluntary leave programs and other measures.


Stocks inched higher Friday, closing out a positive week.

The Dow Jones industrial average added 27 points, for a new all-time high.


Businesses like hair salons, dentist offices, and care homes are charging customers “COVID-19” fees. 

The fees — which range from $5 to over $1,000 — are meant to cover the cost of cleaning and PPE.

There have been 510 complaints across 29 states over coronavirus-related charges at dentist offices, senior living facilities, hair salons, and restaurants., according to the Washington Post.


As the snow piles up so are snowmobile sales, as many Americans are feeling cooped up indoors and looking for ways to get outside of the house.

The American Council of Snowmobile Association says the industry is seeing the biggest boom in more than two decades, with sales of snowmobiles up 19 percent from last year.