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Christmas Carols Fairly Recent Addition To The Holiday Celebration

Christmas hymns for centuries had only been sung in church, and then, only in Latin. And because few people regularly spoke Latin, the songs...

The Story Of The Man Called Santa Claus

Everybody knows Santa. He's the jolly old elf who's constantly saying, "Ho, ho, ho." That image can be traced back to the 1820s and the...

Christmas Ripe For Superstitions, Tall Tales And Odd Beliefs

Some experts say that since Christmas has a strong religious base, it's been a prime target for various superstitions over the years. Others suggest...

A Look At Some Of The Symbols Of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated in so many different ways around the world, but some items have reached across time and space. Certainly a representation of the...

Christmas Traditions And Customs Differ The World Over

The tiny town of Bethlehem is thought to be the site of Christ's birth. And each year at this time, the Church of the...

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