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Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Emergency Room Express service available in Houston County hospitals

Houston Healthcare is using ER Express at Houston Medical Center and Perry Hospital.

Burglary suspects arrested in Unadilla

Three people are accused of breaking into two convenience stores in Perry and stealing a large amount lottery tickets.

WRPD search for credit card fraud suspect

Man accused of using stolen credit card at multiple locations

Captain is your Dog of the Week

He loves to run and run and run.

Several Middle Georgia suspects arrested for soliciting minors for sex

Several Middle Georgia suspects were arrested during an investigation where authorities say they were soliciting minors for sex.

Warner Robins ‘jar thief’ charged with identity theft

Police arrested 29-year-old Desean Hendrix.

Perry hotel owners to drop room rates this summer

Perry city council is lowering the city's hotel/motel tax.

Middle Georgia State College to become a state university

Middle Georgia State College is becoming the state's newest university this year.

Items stolen from over a hundred cars in Warner Robins

More than 120 cars left unlocked were hit by thieves in Warner Robins since the start of the new year, that is according to Warner Robins Police Public Information Officer Jennifer Parson.

Centerville police use Google glasses while on the job

Lt. Phillip Pritchett says the "Smart Glass" is better than a typical police-issued body camera.

Former Houston County sheriff’s deputy indicted for hitting handcuffed suspect

Kenneth Beck, a former Houston County Sheriff's deputy was indicted by a superior court grand jury. Beck is charged with simple battery and violation of oath of officer.

Robins AFB: ‘Greeting not a violation of Air Force instructions’

According to the base, several motorists who work there were uncomfortable with the phrase 'Have a blessed day.'