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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Joey Stuckey Presents

Studio 41 Presents Chris Crider

Chris Crider plays an amazing instrumental titled "Pig Snoot Juke" for us on Studio 41.

Studio 41 Presents Kaylee Pruitt of the Library Ballroom

Kaylee Pruitt comes to Shadow Sound Studios to talk about the unique history of the Library Ballroom and the future events that you'll definitely want to know about.

Studio 41 Presents NosRoc

Nate "NosRoc" Corson joins us at Shadow Sound Studios for Studio 41.

Studio 41 Presents Katherine Daniel

Katherine Daniel is back once again and she brings us a definite toe tapper.

Studio 41 Presents Cail Huggins

Studio 41 is finally back and we have the talented Cail Huggins with an original tune that everyone will enjoy.

Studio 41’s Joey Stuckey traveling to UK for conference hosting visually impaired musicians

Joey Stuckey, Macon’s music ambassador, will be travelling to London for a 10 day tour in just a few weeks. The tour will include a two-day conference for visually impaired musicians on March 10 and 11. Joey will be performing and speaking during the conference. His single, ‘Blind Man Drivin’ will be released at the trendy Ivey House in London on March 12.

Studio 41 Presents Thomas Fountain

Thomas Fountain stops by Studio 41.

Studio 41 Presents Erika Wright

Gospel singer brings some soul to Studio 41!

Studio 41 Presents Tom Rule

Tom Rule plays some Thanksgiving music on the keyboard.

Studio 41 Presents Lisa Danielle

Hear Lisa Danielle play her song "Wishes."

Studio 41 Presents sunDollars

Macon indie band "sunDollars" plays a new song on Studio 41.

Studio 41 Presents Beau + Luci

Beau + Luci stopped by Studio 41 to play some music.